Redirection from IIS.. need Help!


We are exploring the option of redirecting an incoming PIP message to the wM IS via IIS. We tried the following option -

Open default web site property and home dir tab, then, check “redirect for
URL” and “redirect to the resource permanently”.

While the re-direction happens, IS doe not receive any data. When we plugged out IIS and put in Apache with proxy module, its all smooth, no issues. However, due to some constraints we cannot go the Apache way.

Has anyone succesfully implemented the IIS way? Any suggestions/confirmations as to what it takes would be greatly appreciated.



What you describe is the way redirection is supposed to work. The server tells the client, “don’t go here, go over there”. It only sends the client to a new URL, it doesn’t resend the POST data.

Reverse proxies work by opening up a new connection to the IS and forwarding the data inside, possibly modifying it as it goes.

It seems like you need some sort of reverse proxy (IS in reverse invoke mode) or the ability to directly to the Integration Server.

IIS does not allow for a proxypass as apache does. With IIS your request is simply redirected where apache is capable of forwarding on your request with the posted data. Another reason whey apache is a better web server then IIS. If you absolutely need to use IIS there are ISAPI modules you can get to perform this type of proxying, but I would be interested in why you can’t use apache and see if we can resolve that issue.


We would not be able to use Apache in this case, because of time and existing processes in place. If we were to install any new software on the server in the DMZ, the process of approval, if it ever gets approved, would take about a couple of months, to say it.

As the server in DMZ already has IIS running, using it is the best fit approach here, considering all the constraints. Would really appreciate if you could provide us information regarding the ISAPI modules to make this approach work.