Red hat 5 to Red Hat6 upgrade and impact to webmethods 9.6

Hi All,

In our project we have currently upgraded to webMethods 9.6 recently and currently the OS is Red Hat 5.
The unix team is planning to upgrade the OS to Red hat 6.

As of now we are told to hold off any further installations.

The wM components we currently use are :
Integration Server.
Broker Server.

Couple of questions:

Does upgrade to Red Hat 6 would require fresh installations ?
Would all the wM servers be BAU after the upgrade happens.

Did any of you face similar situations earlier if so, it would be great if you can provide some inputs.

I guess it should support but for hardware/software requirements refer the system requirements guide from empower site.

Create all your queries and free to ask SAG global support. They will help you regarding this.

Please update the thread with your updates.

Hi Dev,

Hardware upgrade doesn’t require installations again. Unix team knows how to move current image to new hardware.


Thank You,

I have not received any updates from the Unix team on this. Once I hear back will post the updates.
Hopefully it should not be a re installation .