Records loaded on ADAREP file, includes all records deleted?

The value in the Records loaded, in the ADAREP layout, could be the current amount of records in the file. I unloaded, deleted and load a file, then when I read the report, the value of the “Records loaded” before lload is different form the value after that.

Are you unloading using SORTSEQ and a descriptor that may have null values ?

Hi Wolfgang. No I’m not usin it. I used UNLOAD FILE with no criteria. The value of RECORDS LOADED was 199.965.654, after (load) the value is 126.653.321.

Did you confirm the record counts unloaded and loaded on the DDDRUCK reports?

Hi Ralph, yes, both have the same value:126.653.321, different to the ADAREP Recods loaded value, wich is 199.965.654

Can you please ZIP & attach all 4 reports, i.e. ADAREP before, UNLOAD, LOAD, ADAREP after ?