RecordList to XML

it’s me again.
I have a recordList as an outbound from a CSV parser.
Now I want to use “RecordListToRecord” and “RecordToXMLValues” to ceate a XML-File. (WMPub)
Unfortunately, I can’t the the code, so I don’t know what I have to fille in the strings Name and Value.

Can anyone help?
Is this the correct way to create a XML-file?

I used “convertDelimitedStringToRecordListWithColumnNames” (WMSamples) to parse my csv-file into a recordList.

Thanks for your help,


You can loop on the recordlist and inside you can use recordtodocument which will give u the xml for that record.

Thanks Athul,
but then I get just the last dataset.
But I need all.

How can I realize?



You can Create one StringList element and in loop get the xml and append it to stringlist.
After loop you will have one stringlist with all xlms.


What you do is create a temporary record(this should have all the fields which you have parsed a recordList,root element is recordList NAme) do a map step and map the recordList to a recordReference(above created temporary document)and in the recordToDocument service just map the record and (set recordName),it gives output xmldata.