Record Structure Using Modified BASDA XML Schema

Dear All,

I need help. I am facing a compilation error in Developer when i try to use a modified BASDA XML Schema to define a record structure.

My requirement is to add some element in the BASDA 3.05 Schema so that it can be validated aginst the customer’s specific BASDA xml Invoice file.

I need to add some 9 elements under a tag. I have modified the same in the schema. When i try use this modified Schema to define a record Structure i am getting following error .

com.wm.lang.xml.WMDocumentException: [B2BCORE.0042.9327] Expecting got

Can you please let me know what went wrong.

Thanks in advance.


Hi, Rajesh.

The TAG did not show up in your post, but the error that you are seeing is because the XML that you are using does not match the schema’s deifintion of what that XML document should be.

In short, the parser expected to see and instead it found in its place.


what is the version of Basda that you are working with?

Can you suggest some sites where I can download specification for Older Basda Version?


Have you tried browsing in



i have checked. The versions available are 3.05 onwards. I am looking for eBis XML 2.04.

If you are a existing member of,contact their support or login in their member services if they provide any archives for older versions.

I think you might have tried this way too.Hope some body will chim on this.


Well, they replied with the information. Thanks a lot.