Record List in the pipeline out to file

I launch a rfc in sap with the standard declaration (SAP BC->SAP).
The result is in a record list.
I want the result in a file in format text or xml.
Do you have a solution ?

Hello Antoine,

Use pub.flow:savePipeline or pub.flow:savePipelineToFile to save the contents of the pipeline into a file.

Also the use of “Scope” can limit the contents of the pipeline


The problem : I use the SAP connector.
When I declare the RFC in SAP BC Server, in developper, the call RFC is declare with OutboundMap: outbound (INVOKE
In the pipeline in I have my RecordList who are declared table on the RFC declaration.
But when I test my RFC with the savepipelinetofile, I have all datas in the pipeline. It is possible to remove datas on the pipeline ?

The use of “SCOPE” will limit the contents of the pipeline specific for that line of mapping

You need to build a new record containing all the data you intend to use in that step priorly and give the record name in the SCOPE field. This will make your pipeline look filtered.

Hope this helps
Bhavani shankar