Receiving & Processing large IDoc file is very slow


We’re having serious performance issues when processing large IDoc file (± 60MB / file).

Max Heap Size: 2GB
wM version : 6.5
SAP Adapter Version: SP1_Fix6
Broker maximum heap (max-memory-size on awbroker.cfg): 1G
Broker data store size: 1.5 G
Broker config store size : 1.5 G
Default Document Store size : 500MB
Trigger Document Store size : 500 MB

The first issue is, when SAP Adapter receives the file (60 MB), the memory usage jump more than > 600 MB. We have no idea what may cause this.

The second issue is on the IS to Broker transport performance.
We use Asynchronous ALE Listener Notification and it takes a long-long times for service to send the document to Broker.

Below is the log dump

2008-04-06 15:34:17 CDT [ART.0116.3502V1] Adapter Runtime (Notification): Execution begin for Notification:ADAPTERS_DOCUMENTS_NOTIFICATIONS_CONNECTORS_TRIGGERS:ServiceOrderNotification UUID:82cd7320052a11dcb0c5c96c63b7a74b.
2008-04-06 15:35:15 CDT [ART.0116.3505V1] Adapter Runtime (Notification): Document publish for Notification:ADAPTERS_DOCUMENTS_NOTIFICATIONS_CONNECTORS_TRIGGERS:ServiceOrderNotification UUID:82cd7320052a11dcb0c5c96c63b7a74b with MsgId:0A22A00C506347F88A7FA9CA.

2008-04-06 15:36:12 CDT [ISS.0098.0051V2] DefaultProducer sending document to Broker. <------------------------------------- Takes a long time !!!

2008-04-06 15:45:35 CDT [ART.0116.3504V1] Adapter Runtime (Notification): Execution finish for Notification:ADAPTERS_DOCUMENTS_NOTIFICATIONS_CONNECTORS_TRIGG
ERS:ServiceOrderNotification UUID:82cd7320052a11dcb0c5c96c63b7a74b.
2008-04-06 15:45:41 CDT [ISS.0098.0006V2] Consumer:ADAPTERS_DOCUMENTS_NOTIFICATIONS_CONNECTORS_TRIGGERS:OrderHandlerProvisioningTrigger received 1 Documents
from Broker
2008-04-06 15:45:46 CDT [ISS.0098.0006V2] Consumer:ADAPTERS_DOCUMENTS_NOTIFICATIONS_CONNECTORS_TRIGGERS:OrderHandlerBillingTrigger received 1 Documents from

Any suggestion is appreciated.

Thanks much.

Hi achmad,

Did you check this issue in the webMethod Advantage site, I think there are couple of fixes for SAP Adapter 6.5.


Hi JSree.

We already applied this fixes, but still don’t get expected result.


Any other ideas?

Thx much