[Broker] Could not send output document to broker because br

Hello everyone,

Enterprise Server Trouble.

I tryied to recieve a large IDoc, over 10MB, with a SAP ALE/IDoc Server adapter.
As you know, insufficient heap size will cause “OutOfMemoryError”,
so I had set 256MB for the max heap size of that adapter to secure document processing resource.

As a result, ALE/IDoc Server adapter paused without any notice after recieving the IDoc.
But at the same time, Broker error logged in our syslog file, “broker.info”.

broker.info message was as follows,
Feb 4 18:05:18 hostname ialesAdapter: TEST_ALE_IDOC_Src:
[Broker] Could not send output document to broker because broker was full - will retry after 30 seconds.
Broker Failure (100-1013): The document was too large for the broker to process successfully. (BrokerClient.publish-7038)

This message tells me to manage broker’s volume parameters.
Otherwise should I extend hardware equipment or upgrade Enterprise Server?
Please let me know what is required to resolve this trouble.
Any advise would be appreciated.

OS : SunOS 5.8
JVM : 1.2.2 (Solaris_JDK_1.2.2_10)Enterprise Server : 4.1.1J BrokerCore SP16
SAP Adapter : 4.1.1 SP3


In version 4.1.1 the event or document size cannot exceed 8 MB. Broker will reject events with size over 8 MB. You have mentioned that your document was over 10 MB, which could be the problem.

See if you can break the document into smaller chunks before publish and re-assemble it on the subscribe end.

As you mentioned, storage type of my document was “Guaranteed”, so restricted by 8MB.
We have two choices;

  1. Break the large document into smaller pieces.
  2. Downgrade the storage type.

This time I adopted the second way and changed the storage type to “Volatile”.
Processing was completed by this change.

Thanks a lot.