SAP Adpater picks SAP IDOC very slowly

we have a volume of around 200-300 IDOC per hours. These IDOC are released in Batch mode which runs every 5 mins in SAP.

Webmethods 6.0.1, SAP 4.6, Win 2000.
jvm min - max to 1024. Create two listeners each with 10 threads.

Still WM is very slow in picking up the IDOC. usually at rate of 2-3/min.

Can any one help with this

What idoc type(s) are you trying to send out into wM?
What system are the SAP and wM servers (HP-UX, AIX, Solaris, WinNT) etc.

Oh and another thing, are the SAP servers (presumably where your SAP adapter is installed) geographically separated from the wM server?

If so, do you tend to experience network traffic problems?

idoc type is desadv
SAP is running on UNIX and WM is running on WIN 2000

Phyically both the server are located in the same place.

No network traffic exists

because push IDOC to SAP works very fast. Only WM is very slow in picking idoc.

URG - as I understand it, the DESADV01 idoc type is for shipping notifications.

How large, on average, are each of the idocs that are generated?
For example, for all the shipping notes that are generated between batch runs, are they all rolled into one large idoc, or does each shipping note have its own idoc generated?

If each shipping note has its own idoc generated, how many lines, on average, does each of these ship notes contain?

Do you have multiple SAP clients running on the same server, and do you have separate instances of the adapter hooked into each client (i.e. you’re not using one adapter instance to connect to multiple SAP clients).

I was recently involved in a project using the HRMD_A05 idoc type, and the SAP adapter point blank refused to even accept it. This idoc type (if you look at the structure in SAP) is HUGE! Any configured process that tried to read the idoc data from SAP would just hang.

I’m just wondering if your problems might be related to sheer quantity of data coming through from SAP.

idoc are only 10k- 20k large
one idoc is created per shippment note. these are sperate idoc not bundled into one idoc

each ship note that is generated is only of 2 segment

I have one instance of SAP adapter running but I created two Listners each with 10 threads

The size of the idoc is very small, so quantity is not a problem

we had a similiar problem.
In SAP instead of releasing the Idoc immediately, batch them in 10-12 and then release them. This way, for WM it is only one pick of 10-12 IDOCs

Please try this