Receiving emails through the protocol in the Integration Ser

I’m using WM4.6 and configuring a POP3 port to receive emails with an XML attachemnt. I’m able to pull off the email and call the service that I wrote to accept the email, however, I’m not able to process the XML doc. The first step in my flow is documentToRecord. After this I call recordToDocument which kicks out the following error “Service record argument in RecordToDocument is null”. The funny thing is if I save the pipeline to file right away and then restore the pipeline and step through the flow it works just fine. I have the complete XML document and I’m able to process it. My questions are 1) should I not be using the documentToRecord process to receive the email? or 2) should I not be using the recordToDocument?

Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

I’m just guessing here, but maybe it’s being streamed?

Try “” followed by “pub.string:bytesToString” and see if that helps.

I haven’t done any email receipts yet, but that’s what I did for an FTP receiver that we’re using.