Receive values back from

I am changing one vendor of many from a ftp get, then translate, then file polling pickup to an MQ push from the vendor to a real time ftp put. To use the current translator i need to submit the EDI file to get and get back the string types that are the files to ftp rather than having filepolling pick the up and also have data to put into a retry queue if an error

I am using a gateway service that a mq trigger kicks off and within it i recognize the file and then send it to tn using I need to get the names of the files created from the process so i can put them to the end service. Within the processing rule i have Respond With: filled out with the values i need back (content type text/plain with message being %value file1%, %value file2%, %value file3%.

When i run the service i don’t get anything back. I know that the values are there at the end of the service that tn kicks off because i put pub.flow:debugLog in the code to see if the values were still in the pipeline when it ended and they showed up in the server log. What do i need to do to get the values back?

I am running on 6.1


Looking into this even more i noticed that nothing is coming back from - not bizdoc nothing. I have validated that no clearpipeline is there but i am getting no luck. The processing rule is synchronous but still nothing. Anything will help


You can set the processing rule to return a msg or in your service, invoke setResponse to return a msg.

This will work as long as the rule is synchronous. For async rules, you can never get anything back (from the service executed by the rule that is).