Receive Email Attachment Without Fixed Extension

We receive Email attachments through the email port of the WM integration server 4.6 and want to pass these attachments to a dedicated service. Because the filename is absolutely variable, we can’t assign the attachment to a specific content handler. The result is the following error:
00AA85 [B2BPCKG.0068.0026] Content type: multipart/mixed;
boundary="--------------------------boundary-00_098374573938745asdf" Su
00AA86 [B2BPCKG.0068.0010] Could not decode body part of email message
The specified service isn’t invoked at all. Is there a possiblity to process an email attachment without fixed extension? Can I adjust a “default content handler” or can I map the recognized mime content type multipart/mixed (see above) to an existing content handler? Any hint is greatly appreciated.

I’m sorry I can’t help with your problem, but I am just looking into setting up a similar process. I would like to save email attachments to a folder. Would you be able to give me a general idea on how you did it. Any information would be greatly appreciated!

first of all you should assign the extension of your attachments to the appropriate content type in the mime.types file on the integration server (/LIB directory). Then, depending on the content type, the email content should be in a specific pipeline variable (e.g. variable edidata for content type application/edi). The following flow processes inbound emails and allows you to view the pipeline variables. The pipeline variable contaning the email content should be mapped to the input variable of the createMimeData service. The processing of inbound emails is described in detail in the IS Developer Guide.


After that you should have a variable containing the attachment and you can invoke subsequent services to process it.