recall service step


I would like recall service if exception. I use webmethods developer to implement process. My service is a client of webservice and when webservice is not available I would like recall it after some time.

How would I do it?

I tried set Step Retry Count and Step Retry Interval properties, but after that there were a lot of recall without limit instead of specified time in Step Retry Count property

Anybody helps?

You can use the trigger retry mechanism or if you are using Trading Network, you can use task functionality.

Talha, could you explain how it works, how use it.
I only know that trigger invoke specified service when specified document appear on the broker :frowning:

Well you have the basic concept right, now when you create the trigger, on the right side in the properties you can see the “Transient error handling”. Under that you can specify till when this trigger should run the service, the interval between each attempt, maximum retries etc. Check the " Publish-Subscribe Developer’s Guide" for detail information.

Talha Thanks for Reply

I used Step Retry Count and Step Retry Interval properties in process step properties. Now it’s working because I call trowExceptionForRetry outside try/catch block in my service
Usefull was thread