real time integration scalabilty and performance

We are faced with a requirement where data needs to be replicated from one instance of a database to another instance in a real time fashion.

The main concern is the impact on the source applications …

Has anyone implemented such a solution … can you provide some statistics of volume, performance and impact.

It depends on how strict the “real-time” requirements for this integration are. Does the integration need to be synchronous where the user waits until the data is moved to the other database before they can continue on with other actions. In most cases I would think an asynchronous solution would be adequate for this type of data synchronization where a triggering action in the source database causes webMethods to move data to the target database. You can poll for triggering events every few seconds and then move the data relatively quickly (depending on the size of the data set) No one can really give you a more concrete answer to your question without knowing more of the business requirements.