Reading Property Files

Are there any controls in CAF (Designer 8.2) that will read property files that reside on the MWS server or do you have to write the Java code yourself?

I think you have to write the Java code yourself to read properties.

But you can use Environment Variables instead of properties. You can modify them in MWS runtime, but it will cause application restart.

Can you point me to an example of Environment Variable solution you mentioned?


Open you portlet page and in the bindings view you will find Environment Variable under your Implicit Variables.
Right click on it and add a new Data as java.lang.String and give some appropriate name.Now Once you publish this portlet when you login to MWS as sysadmin under CAF Application RunTime Configuration you will find this variable.
You can change this variable whenever you want by loging as SysAdmin
Bindings.bmp (224 KB)