Reading excel

I need to read an excel and pass all values to my IS service. How can I do that?
I saw something by using file input, then use a java code to read and get all values, but its not working.

check: Apache POI, you need to load its jars into IS and write some Java code for it.


Explore the code samples posted on the SAG tech community. You will find a code sample to read excel file/csv file.

There’s no code sample for this functionality. :frowning:

Please brief your requirement and functionality?

The user will upload an excel, I need to get cell values and work with it on IS.

Where does the user upload the excel, in a folder location or ???

Share the sample excel file so that I can write a pseudo code.

It will be uploaded on CAF using File Input

Here’s an excel sample…

I think that I need convert this values to a string list or a doc list, in java… and then pass this parameter to my IS service, right? But I don’t know how to get this values and put in a list.


I will try to share you the code sample ASAP.

Meanwhile try to download the below sample and do the changes:


Hi Even i need to read an Excel file from IS folder and need to process it…I have downloaded the code but it is not working …