Read SMTP-Mailbox from flow

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I’m searching for a possibility to read a pop3 or imap mailbox within a flow service - instead of using a configured email port.

Background: I don’t want the mailbox to be read every 5 minutes or 2 hours for example. I’d like to have a scheduled service that runs once a day and reads from a specific mailbox.

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The only option reading emails in wM IS is by configuring email port that hits a flowservice.There is no service outofbox which gets mails from mailbox.Looks its a typical requirement.

Let see if others can share their experiences.


i m using smtp port to read a mail from a mailbox and extract attachment from it. Input to the target service is ffdata which is of type object. If i directly give this as an input to createmimedata service, it doesn’t find any data in ‘ffdata’ thus throwing exception.
So i need to follow following steps:
1.use streamtobytes on ffdata
2.use bytestostring on result of step 1.
3.use stringtostream(from PSUtilities)
4.input result of step 3. to createmimedata

This flow works fine.
Pls explain me the reason to handle such a simple step in a long round about manner


See this post if it helps

Also make sure you set Content-type for handling flatfiles.


The e-mail port can be configured to run once a day (use 86400 seconds) and reads from a specific mailbox–the username passed to the POP3 server identifies a specific mailbox. Is there some other reason you do not want to/cannot use the e-mail port?