Read Only Access to TN Console


Is it possible to give read only access for TN Console to users in webMethods 6.1
Can it done by changing ACL’s

Not that I’m aware of. What’s the intent? Which “users” do you mean?

In my orgnisation we support the infrastructure and the applictaions are supported by a 3rd level support team.
The people from 3rd level support team are requesting access to TN console as it quite easy to do transaction analysis for all partners and also quicker as compared to using WmTNWeb.
We dont want to give them TNAdministrator rights in order to protect the platform.

Unfortunately, TN Console combines design-time aspects (defining rules, partners, etc.) and run-time aspects (viewing documents that have been processed). AFAIK, there is no way to grant access to TN Console to get access to transaction analysis without also granting access to the design-time items. If you give tier 3 support people access, make sure everyone uses their own credentials and don’t share them. This will allow you to identify who makes an (inadvertent) change. And backup your environment early and often.

Hi Raemon,

Could you please let how could one identify a person doing an inadverant change. Are the changes done by him visible in server log. Or is there any specfic log where we can find these entries.

Yogesh describes a package that can be used to log service execution of services, and the user that ran them, that are of interest to you. This package can be downloaded from Advantage.

Hi Raemon

Am not able to access the required page. This link takes me to home page of the advantage site.

Could you please let me know the name of the package and then I will search advantage site for this name

The package is Maybe this link will function better:


A link to any resource on Advantage will first take you to the home page as you are required to log in before you can access that resource. The link in Rob’s post points to the PDF - Tech Notes - Detailed Audit of Administrative Functions in IS and the link in Tim’s post takes you to the thread that contains the WmSecAudit package as well as the pdf document. Clicking on either of the links will take you to the home page, and once you log in, you will be redirected to the page pointed to by the link.