Read-Only Access to MWMS and IS logs

Hi Community,
Please could we have a read only access to MWMS services and to IS logs?
we want to give to our developers the possibility to see executed services, pipeline data without have the right to resubmit a service,

we want also to give them the possibility to see the IS logs to analyse for example if there is a problem after deployement about users or database component …,

i know that some people devlope a specifique application to have this access mode, i ask if there is something already exist to use, or the possibility to manage some user roles to have this access,

we use webmethod 9,7.

Hi Nezha,

for MWS components this can be done by using Permission Management (only grant Access privileges, but no functional privileges).

For IS there is no such functionality unfortunately.


Hi Holger,
Thank you for your reply,
could you please tell me how to do this on MWMS?


Inside Administration you can go to system-wide → permission management.

add a user or group and then assign what all thing you want him to access/restrict.

Syed Faraz Ahmed

hi Syed,
thank you for your reply,

please find attached a screenshot of mywebmethods interface, i don’t have the possibility to add user or group and assign access or restrict did i miss somthing,


Hi Nezha,

please select “Suivant” and on the next page you will be able to modify the existing permissions or to add users, groups, roles as per your need and grant or deny them the appropriate rights.

See Administering MyWebMethods Server Guide for further informations.


it works for me,
Thanks a lot for your help,


Could you share some dsp files under WmRoot package in your environment so I could customize a tool for you to view IS logs?

Please providing files depends on what kind of log you want to view:
Error - log-error-recent.dsp
GD - log-gd-in-full.dsp
Security - log-security-recent.dsp
Server - log-server-recent.dsp
Service - log-audit-recent.dsp
Session - log-session-recent.dsp

hello Wang,
thank you for your reply
im a developer i don’t have access to QA environnement DSP files, please find attached dsp files of developement environnement and then i will show to the responsible of the QA vironnement how to do the same configuration,

Appreciate your help,


log-error-recent.dsp (12.6 KB)
log-audit-recent.dsp (12 KB)
log-server-recent.dsp (8.25 KB)

It doesn’t matter DEV or QA, just make sure they have the same version and fixes.
Attached please find a package to view IS log with any specified ACL.
To make it works, you need to change folder exec ACL as attached file manually, because ACL is not included in package archive.

If you want to use any specified ACL besides of Anonymous, you also need to change DSP ACL as another attached file.

Let me know if you have any question. (22.4 KB)

thank you so much Wang,
i will give it a try and come back to you for the result, just one question after configuring those files what is the login and password to use to connect to the IS to have access just to this logs??


If you configure the ACL to Anonymous like I attached, you don’t need to provide any username/password when the login dialog promoted, just click Cancel button.

If it works fine and you want to maintain it yourself in future, I’m glad to share the knowledge with you. It’s not complicate and just need less than 10 minute to develop.

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