Read Data from IDoc Type from SAP

Hi Team

Im a newbie for SAP Adapters . A connection is open to SAP and i could see an IDOC sent from SAP to Webmethods ,
For the IDoc type in IS i could see data in Transactions window.

I have created a listener and also listener notification with an empty service for the listener notification.
Now i have used the Request document that was generated while i setup the Listener notification as an input document for the Empty service (which i assigned to listener notification)

I have added a map step and just mapped the Input to output . however when i run this service i could see no data.

Am i missing something to configure.

I need the data to be seen in the service pipEline i created.

Can you please suggest what can be done.

If I recall it correctly when you’re using sync processing, you may have iDocList variable in the pipeline under the notification. From there you may use and pass the IDocList to get the idoc data in xml string, then you may further use xmlStringToDocument if you’ve a IS Document Type schema to convert it into respective SAP IDoc Type structure.

It will depend on how you configure, so there is no standard way of guiding you through. I wouldl suggest you share screenshots on how you set.

Hi Mike,

Thank you for your response,
I had setup Savepipleline and then later restored it to get the data to a pipeline, however now i have created a service to handle the data via files.
Its working good now.