Read Access only On Integration Server 9.12

Hi All,

I have a requirement where developer can access the IS but they should have only read access. It means developer can login to IS and check all the configuration related to Adapter, JMS conenction Alias etc but should not be able to modifying anything.

Similarly developer should be able to connect to Integration server using designer and can check the code but should not be able to edit.

However Other users (who are not developer) can have access of read and wright both.

Can anyone please let me know is it possible?. If possible how can we do this any idea.? I am working on wm 9.12


Hi nb,

I don’t think there is such facility available in webMethods IS.

However, as you are in 9.12 so you can try with webMethods Integration Agent Server. I as per my knowledge this server is read only.

But, for better confirmation please go through IS Agent Server guides /SAG Global Support team.


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There is a ReadOnlyIS package available on forum here else you can create your own package by copying the .dsp files from WmRoot/pub folder. Disable the CUD operations.

We had created one for 9.x version.

Moreover, Integration Server Agent is a light weight version of IS.

Hi Mahesh,
It means I will have to copy all the .dsp files to some other location and will have to ask developer to access IS page as per that location.
I am not able to understand , how it will provide the read access only to the user who will access this new IS page.

Is there any PDF available for this.


this is more complex than it looks on the first sight.

As not all DSPs are located under WmRoot/pub you will have to check all packages starting with “Wm” for the pub folder if it contains DSPs.

Additionally all links in the navigation need to be adjusted to the copied packages/folders.

Each package should have a “.access” file in its pub/folder where the rights are defined by ACLs.

Thanks Holger.

It seems I also have to change the acl in.access file of each package after placing them in a different folder so that user can have read access only. Correct me If I am wrong.

In this way there will be a replica of IS. One IS and other one with read access.

Also I want to undertsand after package deployment how the latest changes will reflect in replica of the IS(means IS which has only read access).

Thanks again