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If anyone has worked/ is working on webMethods Fabric, please could you share some information like:
Its usage, Advantages/Disadvantages, Substitutes, etc.

Thanks in advance!!

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I can’t find (or recall) much, but I can share product documentation if that will help.


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webMethods fabric is a very old product name (around 15 years ago) for the webMethods Integration platform. Nowadays that’s just webMethods Integration and is availabe on premise, as a Service or hybrid. More information can be found here:

or here

Good to hear back some one still inquiring on wM Fabric (legacy named) :slight_smile:


Thanks All for the prompt response,

I received a mail, where one of the requirements was webMethods Fabric.

I haven’t heard about it before and as in wM we are seeing new tools being added every day, so was curious to know if this is also a new addition.

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Thanks Kasi, an intro doc will be helpful.

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Here you go mate.

Introduction to webMethods Fabric 6.5 and 6.5.1.pdf (1.5 MB)