Re:Replicating the current platform(wM)

Hello Experts,

Sub: Re-creation of the existing environment.

OS: windows 2008 R2

Our current platform is running on 8.2 and we are migrating to 9.8. But, we don’t want to disturb our current platform to go with current fixes and service packs.

So, our plan is to replicate the same platform into the new machine and then want to move forward with the migration.

So, could you please provide us the steps to follow to create the existing platform into the new system(Any shortcuts). Or we need to install the products, fixes, running DB scripts , and run the migration utility for instance migration(means… original install and upgradation process)?

Please advise.


hi Ram, the safest thing will be for you to follow the webMethods upgrade guide, which in release 9.8 was called Upgrading webMethods and Intelligent Business Operations Products. The guide gives the official upgrade procedure that is tested by Software AG.

If you are using Command Central you might be able to use it to upgrade, depending on the products you have. For that please see the Command Central feature support matrix and Command Central documentation for 9.8.

Marianne Fuller

@Marianne Fuller

Thanks for the suggestion…

Currently, We don’t want to touch existing wM8.2 1 environment, but before migration need to apply latest fixes on existing environment.but for that purpose we are planning to replicate existing environment (mirror of wM8.2.1) to another machine.
(wM8.2.1 to wM8.2.1)
then we can proceed with that mirror in migration.

For creating mirror please provide the suggestions.