Quip Install Problems

May I suggest that the developer team take a little time to improve the information about how to install Quip.

The readme.txt file with Quip 1.4.1 was for version 1.3.1 and was 2 months out of date.

The readme.txt file should contain the (simple but easily overlooked) information that it is necessary to rename runquip.cmd to runquip.bat and rename quipgui.cmd to quipgui.bat on some Windows versions. Not complicated but it should have been stated.

The batch files repeatedly give a BAD COMMAND OR FILENAME error. This causes Runquip.bat to fail to run at all.

I am not sure what the problem is. Some help would be appreciated.

I am running (or attempting to run) Quip on Win98SE 550MHz with 512MB of RAM.

Thanks for any helpful feedback

Andrew Watt

Thanks for pointing out to us that problems may occur with command script on some
Windows installations.

> it is necessary to rename runquip.cmd to runquip.bat and rename quipgui.cmd
> to quipgui.bat on some Windows versions.

I was not aware of that.

Unfortunately I have no Win98SE available to reproduce and check your problem.
I’ll try to find some Windows Guru to clarify things.

If you take a look at the script QuipGui.cmd then you will see that it just starts the
java virtual machine with a certain classpath setting and a number of options.
If you are still stuck in running the script you might consider to start the java virtual machine
manually by making the following command in your Quip directory:

java -classpath quip.jar;javacup_rt.jar;crimson.jar;jaxp.jar;parser.jar -Dquipcmd=quip.exe -Dhome_dir=./examples -Dinfolevel=documentscan -Dtarget=filesystem -Ddata_path=. -Dserver_name=localhost -Ddatabase_name=myDb com.softwareag.xtools.quip.gui.QuipFrame

This will either work or at least give a good error message, which explains, why it does not work…

As for the readMe file. It is not realy out of date. Nothing had been changed from version 1.3.1 to 1.4.1 concerning the installation and usage of Quip.

Sven Eric

It might be useful to add a quick checklist to the README file. Here’s a list that has worked for several people who asked me questions:


QuiP requires a 32-bit version of Windows. Unzip the files into a directory, then run QuipGui.cmd to launch the GUI. If this does not work, check the following:

1. Do you have Java JVM 1.3 or higher installed?
2. Is java.exe on your path?
3. Does your version of Windows use .cmd files or .bat? If the latter, rename the .cmd files to .bat files.

If you are receiving error messages, it is easier to read them if you run QuipGui from the command line.


It may be helpful to put something like that in the README file. Most of the information is there, except for the .cmd and .bat information, but putting it in one list may make it easier to see.



Thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately the DOS Window on Win98SE won’t accept a command line of the length you suggested. I wasn’t aware of that before, but it stops me testing out your suggestion.

Andrew Watt

What happens if you put the command in a .bat file and just run it? For that matter, you could just run the QuipGui.cmd file from the command line. I wonder if your Windows is truncating the command line in the .bat file.


I reviewed the Readme file many times and the script QuipGui.cmd,and I checked the classpath setting and the java and Quip path carefully,but I can’t find the QuipFrame class.Please tell me how to run the Quipgui.Thanks.