How to run Quip2.1.1 or Quip 1.6.1?

I can’t run the Quip software. The error message is “Can’t find class com/softwareag/xtools/quip/gui/QuipFrame”. Please tell me how to find the class. Thanks very much!

How do you start Quip. The class is contained in
the Quip.jar file. The script QuipGui.cmd adds
this file to the classpath. Can you give more
information on how you try to start Quip.

Sven Eric

My use the QuipGui.cmd file to run Quip in Win2000 Server. The content of QuipGui.cmd is:

@echo Starting QuipGui
@REM Usage: QuipGui

@set HOMEDIR=.


@set EXAMPLEDIR=%HOMEDIR%\examples

@java -classpath c:\jdk1.1.8\bin;c:\jdk1.1.8\lib\;%JAVABINDIR%/quip.jar;%JAVABINDIR%/crimson.jar;%JAVABINDIR%/jaxp.jar;%JAVABINDIR%/log4j-core.jar -Dquipcmd=%BINDIR%/quip.exe -Dhomedir=%EXAMPLEDIR% -Dtarget=filesystem -Ddatapath=%EXAMPLEDIR% -Dservername=localhost -Ddatabasename=myDb com.softwareag.xtools.quip.gui.QuipFrame


I can find the quip.jar file , but I can’t run the QuipGui.cmd. Please tell me the secret. Thanks.

I can only guess what might be the problem.
As you see HOMEDIR is set to ‘.’ within QuipGui.cmd.
It might be
better to replace this by the real fully
qualified path name of your quip folder,
as c:\myFolder1\myFolder2\QuiP
assuming that QuiP has been unzipped into

Furthermore it seems that you are using not
Java 1.3 but jdk1.1.8. Quip needs jdk 1.3.

Sven Eric