problem with java using quip


I 'm using quip, in the option/executor path I selected quipJ, but when I test examples with java (javaCalls.xquery) I get the answer : System error: QMachine crashes!

can this problem come from CLASSPATH variables or not ?
I’m a complete beginner and I have lots of difficulties using quip

can someone help me please ?


I tried this and I got a couple of problems but eventually got it working. To fix my problems I had to:

  1. Change the “javacalls.xquery” source to invoke the correct java method names. By default, the package name for class JniTestProg is wrong. As provided, the package.class name is “sep.test.JniTestProg” but the source code for JniTestProg says “package quip.test”. Its up to you how you fix this but I changed the xquery to invoke quip.test.JniTestProg. Then I copied the compiled JniTestProg into a matching directory structure (quip.test) in my classpath. Did you compile JniTestProg?
  2. Check the filespec in javacalls.xquery. BY default it points to C:\QuiP\examples\theater\lll.xml.Change that if necessary.
    Then it works for me.

hi bill,
thanx for your help.

I’ve have done what you suggested but the problem is not resolved. when executed when quip.exe I get :

<?xml version="1.0"?>

<quip:ExecutionError xmlns:quip=“”>


and when executed with quipj.exe, I get :

System error: QMachine crashes!

in the directory javacall, I created the directories quip/test. And then I compiled in the test folder

I have also made the modifications you suggested me.

Is it possible to get more information concerning CLASSPATH ?

I’m in fact trying to make time measures when I execute X query queries, so that’s why I’m trying to execute some java functions.


quippy from France.

I forgot to join the error message on the DOS console I get when executing what I wrote in the post above (using QuipJ).

Thanx a lot for your help.