Quilt and X-query

can we query Tamino from any java application using QUILT as query languege instead of X-query.
Presenlty I m using x-query like
TaminoClient tamino = new TaminoClient(“http://localhost/tamino/Sample”);

TaminoResult tr = tamino.query("//patient[//firstname ~= ‘Fred’]", “Hospital”);

If I want to use QUILT syntex in place of x-query , is any engine available for doing so?
pleas help


Since the XQuery prototype ‘Quip’ is not part of
the Tamino server but a client software it is not
supported by the Java API of Tamino. For details
see the corresponding thread in the XQuery discussion group.

Sven Eric

Hi Sven , thanks for response!!
But looking at the Quip functions , it seems that it allows to query Tamino databse also using QUILT.There we can choose option wether query has to be run against Files or Tamino Database…So I just wanted to know that query engine QUIP is using internally to query tamino.Since this engine is being called form QUIP GUI ,which is a java applciation only ,the same way it could be called form other applications too.
So can QUIP designers tell us ,what query enging they are using ??
this would solve my problem.
please provide your feedback/comment.

Quip internally uses simply the http interface
of tamino to retrieve data for XQuery expressions
of the form fromCollection(“myCollection”)/someXPath
from Tamino. The rest is done by the quip.exe
which contains the actual XQuery machine as some
sort of post processor.

BTW: the Quip Gui is not a pure Java application.
It makes system calls to the xquery machine
written in Clean.

Sven Eric

ps: since quip does not use the Java API at all, we
maybe should proceed with the discussion at the XQuery