TaminoClient.jar and Quilt

Can I query tamino databse using QUILT as query language from my java application.What engine QuiP use to query Tamino using Quilt.
Can I call this enging suing any method of TaminoClient.jar(HTTP java API).
Pleas help, it would be a very valuable piece of info for me.

Currently we do not supply any official Java API
for Quilt apart from the command line. The main reason for this is that the actual execution machine is not written in Java but in Clean (http://http://www.cs.kun.nl/~clean/).
Parts written in Java only consist of the GUI and the parser. The actual XQuery execution is done with the ‘quip.exe’ that is called from Java by a system call.

However you can of course call Quip’s main method from Java, but that does not provide a very confortable API.

Sven Eric

Could you give me an idea what you want to do with it?

Is this purely experimental?