Questions regarding email and an error message...

I wasn’t able to efficiently search the entire web site/forum (and can’t wait until that feature is implemented into this web site) and wasn’t sure which specific forum I should direct my question, so I posted in this forum as well as the “General Interest” forum. I am running Integration Server 4.6 on Windows 2000 Server with 256RAM.

Question 1: Within my local Integration Server�s administrative web page under SETTINGS > LOGGING, I�m having trouble changing the �INTERNAL EMAIL� address to mine (so I can receive important error/administrative messages about my server and its status). I am collaborating with another user and ever since he remotely logged into my server (he has administrative privileges as well), the server has �permanently� populated his email address as the �INTERNAL EMAIL� contact. Every time I THINK I�ve changed it, it doesn�t work, and he isn�t purposely changing the email address…it just happens. Lastly, I was told to manually make changes to the SERVER.CNF file and that hasn�t worked either. Any thoughts?

Question 2: I manually start my Integration Server from an MS-DOS prompt (using SERVER.BAT �DEBUG6 �LOG NONE). Upon shutting down my server, I am getting the following error message within the DOS screen right before it fully shuts down (although this is a five line excerpt, I only thought the second to last line was important, but I can pull more info if needed):

004C66 [B2BSERV.0063.0001] Create 87057da0f70d08d1000000fc
004C67 [B2BSERV.0063.0047] End
004C68 [B2BSERV.0063.0065] End Thread
004C68 [B2BUNKW.------.0102] Error Code: 102. Facility: 63. Severity: 0
004C6A [B2BSERV.0014.0006] Server shutdown completed.

I can see no visible effects this �error� has on the server, but am curious as to if something�s happening behind the scenes. Is this an error worth worrying about and if so, how can I resolve it?



First, try to put a space between the number six in debug6.

Should read:


Also, you may want to raise the debug level up to 8 or 10 depending on how much you want to see.

There is a GNU tool called that provides you with a UNIX shell in windows. Providing that you are running in “C:” drive on windows, it will work well for you. It will provide you with the “tail” function so you can see the same output as you do when you run the server as you described, except that it actually writes the server.log file out to the file system. It is important that you can examine the server.log file and this tool has helped me significantly.

The can be found out in the open source. It installs four directories on the root drive of the windows box and does not write anything to the system32 directory. To delete, just remove the four subdirectories.

The program provides a unix bash shell in the windows environment along with vi and a couple of other nice utilities.

As far as the changes to server.cnf, shut down the server first, manually edit the file, save it, and then restart the server for the changes to take affect.

Good Luck.