QUESTION Remote Administration of Adapter Config Tool

Because the current versions of Adapter Config require root permissions to execute, it is necessary to use XTerm or some other method of exporting a session to a remote box.

On a Solaris box, is there another way to administer Adapter Config? Maybe a way that isn’t so slow?


hi Dan

Did you tried Adapter Manager tool for remote adminstration


We run our adapters as the user “wmadapt”, not root. We just changed the permissions on all files (in 3 different directory trees) to be owned by this user, and it seems to work.

Also, as others have mentioned, the Enterprise Adapter Manager v4.6 allows for remote administration using a windows client.

Thanks, guys.

Let’s assume that my host machine is in Chicago and I am in Hong Kong. Let’s also assume that my admins will not allow access to the host machine directly for security purposes.

So, using the Enterprise Adapter Manager v4.6 – which is different from Enterprise Manager – I can create, start and stop adapters on the Chicago-based machine. I no longer need to use the XTerm session.

If that is true, great!

Just confirm that for me so that I can start hounding my wM rep for the Enterprise Adapter Manager. Thanks.

Hi Dan

Adapter Manager is a wonderful tool, you can remotely manage all your adapaters irrespective of the host, and you dont need xterm session

You can start , stop , configure and run the adapter in the debug mode.

Only issues is if your firm requires software installation into its standard directory structure (Which is different then what WM uses) it does not work on Solaris as they hard coded some directory paths. WM estimated they would have this resolved by the end of September.

I have installed Enterprise Server 5.0, Enterprise Manager 5.0 and Enterprise Integrator . I can connect to integrator but i am unable to start manager or monitor. They are not opening at all.
Can anybody please help me out in identifying what probably could be the reason.