Question Generating A Document Type

Were implementing a customer that is using xCBL 3.0 Order document type. I downloaded the XSDL and imported it into webMethods as a new doucment type using XML schema. Its kind of weird though when I add the document type I can’t set the value because it says “Cannot enter data for recursive document types”? An old employee created the PIDX Invoice schema in webmethods and it generated all of the different element sections automatically just like mine did, but I can go and set the value of it. I notice in my document they say “ns:Order” and “ns:OrderDetail” for example and looking at his, his says “pidx:Invoice” and “pidx:InvoiceDetail”. I imagine something is just wrong with the setup?


IS releases prior to 7.1.x do not support recursive schema definitions. The previous developer may have had to manually update the schema to redefine those recursive types.