Question about load balancer routing issues.

First time poster and WM newbie.

So I am installing WM 9.9 on a clients server who happens to be extremely picky when it comes to security.

My first connectivity issue when communicating was they had a proxy setup for outbound on 443. After setting it up I noticed about 20% of my remote server tests ended with a EOFexception: null and the rest were successful. The logs stated that there were IP’s and hosts that were denied access to the port.

Didnt realize they had a load balancer routing the traffic back in from non standard IP’s from my Hub. So I just opened the port to accept all IPs but I still get a failure out of every ten test I run from the client server.

The big problem is running a remote server test from my HUB to their server. I get a SocketTimeoutException: Read timed out. I think ONE time it actually read successful, but failures across the board. When they tried to run a trace they said I’m not even hitting their server, but I dont think that is the case. The port is HTTPS inbound.

I feel like it might be timing out before it is rerouted to the WM server. The remote server alias on my end has their WM server host name and the port, but their load balancer is supposed to be rerouting it back to the server.

Is there a setting to deal with load balancers? Sorry if my question doesnt have much information. I’m pretty new at this and just getting my feet wet.