RevIssue with Reverse HTTP gateway server configuration with internal Servers

Hi Experts

We have 2 proxy servers and 2 Internal IS , 2 proxies are CSS clustered and both IS are webmethods clustered
I configured Reverse HTTP gateway server with our INternal IS
Its working fine sometimes and sometimes URL we are trying to hit infront of 2 proxies doesn’t respond at all. We had Network team to look into
this for any network latency and that looks ok , I opened a ticket with WM and they are still struggling to resolve this

I have couple of questions on this

  1. During the Configuration of Registration Internal ports on Internal IS , I specified on each Internal server 1 proxy ip as i can’t add 2 proxy ips
    Is there any other place like in any config file that i should set the other ipaddress of other proxy or it doesn’t matter to specify the other proxy ip
    So how to Configure multiple ip’s under Registration Internal on Internal IS for 2 proxy servers

  2. As HTTP gateway is working sometimes with http and https ports , is there any timeout setting that i am missing on proxy level or on Internal IS level ?

Please let me know if you anyone had seen these issue before

webMethods version : IS 7.1.2


JVM 1.5

Proxy IS : Windows 2003

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