Querying Cloudscape DB

Is it at all possible to connect to the Cloudscape DB from the Administrator and run queries?? I’d like to run some queries that are more complex than what the console allows and I’m having issues connecting to the DB. Not sure what I need to setup to allow this. Cant find any documentation either on Cloudscape…

Thx in advance


you can find the documentation to cloudscape on


Thanks for the link, unfortunately it doesnt provide any information in terms of using it for webMethods. Still dont have any idea how to actually connect to the DB from Administrator or how to run queries against it. The documentation only deals with generic installs not WM specific…

You can connect to the cloudscape DB through the WmDB package if you have it installed. The documentation explains which JDBC driver to use and has the username/password. I haven’t used cloudscape in a long time, however, it contains the same tables that other databases like Oracle/SQL2000/DB2, etc. does so there are no mysteries behind it.

If you are wondering what tables are needed or used, somewhere in the install, there are dbscript files that create/drop tables/indexes.

Hope this helps.


Thanks Ray, and sorry for the dumb question here but what documentation are you referring to?? I cant find that info anywhere in the wmDB, or TN docs… Thx in advance

Answer from WM Support:

" The only way you can query the Cloudscape database other than via
Trading Networks is via the tnquery utility. Here is some info about
that utility:

-it resides in the <server>packages/WmTN/bin directory (tnquery.bat or .sh)
-it can only be run when the Server is not running, b/c Cloudscape is
to onlly one con-current connection
-to use, do something like:

tnquery.bat -sql “select * from partner”

-it can also be used with other TN dbs (non-Cloudscape)…and with those,
the server doesn’t need to be stopped to use."

thats new to me… wasnt aware there was a limitation on the connections…