Query TPA exception

Hi all,

I face this Query TPA exception whenever I press the TPA button in TN console.
Query TPA exception
(0) java.lang.ClassCastException: com.webMethods.sc.caching.config.LocalSchemeConfig incompatible with com.webMethods.sc.caching.API.config.IPagedSchemeConfig
(1) java.lang.ClassCastException: com.webMethods.sc.caching.config.LocalSchemeConfig incompatible with com.webMethods.sc.caching.API.config.IPagedSchemeConfig

webMethods Trading Networks Server Environment Settings:
Updates: IS_7.1.2_Core_Fix38;;TNS_7.1.2_Fix12

What may be the reason for this issue? Need your suggestions.

It seems You have the most of the fixes… Not sure of the exact resolution but it relates to cluster caching or some thing…But if you retry it again does TPA query works?

Search on the Empower if you can get some more clue on the error.

If not contact SAG tech support and see what they say:


I was checking the tangosol clearance xml files after a clue from one of the posts on empower. I compared the clearance and override files with the other cluster node, they are exactly the same. I restarted the server also but with no success. Not sure how to proceed from here. Here is the suggestion I got from empower:

The cause of this is the distributed caching and the following fix should resolve the issue.

Open “IntegrationServer\config\Caching\Tangosol-coherence-override.xml” file and override the multicast address settings as described below:

Restart the Integration Server.

It happens but you look also in the tangosol-coherence.xml and update with the IS installed OS server ip or dns name and do the same in all the cluster nodes and restart the servers:


Rmg: Thanks for your suggestion.

I think I found the reason for this error: Even though the fixes IS_7.1.2_Core_Fix38 and TNS_7.1.2_Fix12 are shown as installed in the about page, they are not reflecting in the Installed Packages and Updates page under the respective packages. Even I tried installing these fixes again but the automated installation exited saying the fix is already in place. Any ideas how to fix this?

Some times it wont’s show in the About/update page.

Also you can check in the file system wm_home/IntegrationServer/updates folder? and make sure the fixes in place?


I checked in the updates folder, I can see the TNS_7.1.2_Fix12.jar is in place. Other cluster member server has similar settings and there no errors are thrown. I checked in the manifest file of WmTN, it is not updated with the latest TNS fix in the patch history but that information is present in the other cluster member. Is there anyway we can make this updated?

One question: Does this have something to do with WmRepository? I mean repository out of sync something like that? If it is out of sync how it can be resynced?

Not sure…bu playing with Repo is not a good idea though:

I came across something reg. repo, not sure about that. Just wanted to know whether it has relevance to this issue here.

And any suggestions about that fix not updating in package level/not updating in manifest file?

No can you check with SAG tech support related with the TN Fixes you doubted?