Query TN database

Hi, We have a requirement where we need to query the TN database in order to process all the documents (we need to take a reference of existing document in TN). Currently we are doing this search using createDocumentQuery and documentQuery services based on couple of attributes that is saved with the document. This process takes a while to retrieve the document from TN and the overall process becomes slow.

Is there any other way to do a quick search from Trading network database ?
Is there anyway that TN table can be indexed on certain attribute fields so that the search can be faster ? If yes, how this can be done.


Basically with tn:Query Services is the only option you have it by programatically to search the TN db.Basically you got to tune the custom flows that you have developed considerations like search criteria,tune flow steps,drop unwanted vars etc…also when querying esp large docs content may also affect your query search…

Yeh you can also try set indexing on the tables this could result you output a lit faster.


It’s been my experience that adding indexes on oft-used query columns dramatically speeds things up.

Thanks RMG/Rob, We are taking care of dropping the valiables, cleaning the pipeline and optimizing our query. It is this specific part of code that takes slightly more time and we would like to reduce this time.

Rob, could you please elaborate on your option of indexing the on oft-used query columns ? How this can be achieved ? Can we put the indexing on the custome attributes column of the table that stores the transactions ?


You can index any column of any TN table. Your DB team would do this. BizDoc.DocTimeStamp and BizDocAttribute.StringValue are two good candidates.