Query regarding the webmethods Developer certification


I want to know about the following points regarding the webmthods developer cerication:-

  1. Where could i register for certification.
  2. What is the Fee for certification.
  3. What is the appropriate study material and where I get that.
  4. Is there any eligibility criteria for entering the exam.
  5. What is the passing percentages and all.

Kindly solve my queries ASAP. I would be really thankful to u.


Kindly read this thread.

Hi Mathew,
The Certification is Free of cost, but we have certain pre-requisites for that. We need to undergo training to be elligible (Register) for writing the EAI Developer Certification Exam. The fee for the Training can be found on www.webmethods.com . I think you can find all the details there itself.

Thanks and Regards

Free certifications requiring thousands of dollars of mandatory prerequisite training are not… free.


I very much agree with Mark

Certification can be a valuable thing, but having confidence in knowing what you are doing is much more important, in my opinion. I have yet to run into a client that required me to be certified in wM. What they are looking for is competence; if you don’t have certification, but have and demonstrate skills, you will probably be just fine. Sure, the certification helps to validate those skills, but no more than the first five minutes of a wM candidate interview.