Query Builder Sample Tutorial Problem

Hi guys,

I’ve just completed the Query Builder Sample tutorial available at CAF Tutorials.

I’ve tested both mine and the given code and they behave both the same way.

First Problem:

In the “Remove Row” button controller I’ve assigned the value false to the field “Remove Last Row” present in the General Tab. But the problem is this does not stop me from removing the last row…

Second Problem:

This is kinda difficult to explain but can be easily noticed if you try to add a new row and change its value from “Name” to lets say “Date modified” then “is exactly” to whatever and finally press Search. You will notice that the Result string will have some nulls and the row you just added will be “Name” again…

I think this is related some how to when you press “Search” and the page refreshs the data you just added is not somehow saved…

Anyone has any ideas for a solution or for what might be the problem?

Update: It seems that the first problem is somehow solved.