Queries shutdown Tamino??


I am using Java API to access Tamino and make a query to insert a node then I close the connection. I put this in a loop and sometimes Tamino Server shutsdown itself. What am I doing wrong here? Also is there way to force Tamino Server to restart itself from Java?

Here is the code I use which is taken from Tamino Api for Java document.

public class TaminoCommon {

public static String DATABASE_URI = “http://localhost/tamino/XXX4”;
public TConnectionFactory connectionFactory = null;
public boolean processed = false;
public TConnection connection = null;
public TLocalTransaction myTransaction = null;

public void InsertNode(String xmlToBeInserted) throws TException
processed = false;
try {

TXMLObject xmlObject = TXMLObject.newInstance(   TDOMObjectModel.getInstance() );
TXQuery insertNode = TXQuery.newInstance(xmlToBeInserted);
String insertResult = connectToTamino().xquery(insertNode).getQueryContentAsString();
processed = true;

catch (TException taminoException)  {
		processed = false;
  if (myTransaction != null) myTransaction.rollback();



Somewhere in the code I call this

TaminoCommon test = new TaminoCommon();

for(int t=0; t < x;t++)






please consult the job log in Tamino manager (pending alerts)
For each “shutdown” (=crash) you will find a job log. Could you please send the error and warning messages from this job log?