Quality / Performance of flow service

Hi Team,

We have experienced slowness in a child service being invoked by one of the parent services, which shows slowness sometimes, like it takes more than 30 secs which leads to time-out in down stream system.

That does’t happen always but when it happens it happen in bunch, so I was keen to know if there is any way to gauge quality and performance of a service, as nothing looks unusual about this service to cause slowness.

No DB call is being made in it, mostly data transformation and eventually making a “HTML Form Document” after several transformations from the “Order Form Document”.

Please let me know if we have any such tool provided by softwareAG or if we can any document provided by them to inspect the service in terms of performance and efficiency.



When you say HTML Form Document, are you using any XSLT in the child service? AFAIK there is no tool from SAG that will do performance tests unless they have introduced something in WmTestSuite package in the last year. If the customer you are working for has license for this package i would suggest you explore that option.