we are using ActiveX API with ASP.
We want to insert a document. Here is the sample code:

Dim TamXCreate
Set TamXCreate = CreateObject(“TaminoX.TaminoX1”)
If TamXCreate.Initialize <> 0 Then
TamXCreate.csDatabaseURL = “http://localhost/tamino/myDataBase/Collection
TamXCreate.csUserName = “”
TamXCreate.csPassword = “”
Dim doc,strXML
Set doc = Server.CreateObject(“Microsoft.XMLDOM”)
strXml = “”


How to write PutDocument for loading this doc.
And sample code will be great. Thanks in advance

In the Tamino installation directory under SDK\ActiveXAPI you will find sampleVBXML that has example usage for TaminoX.ocx.

In the sameple VB I use PutDocument as:

tamx.PutDocument(doc.DocumentElement.NodeName & “/” & “somedocname”, doc.DocumentElement)

where you would want “somedocname” to be unique for documents.