Purging monitor data from MWS

Hi all,

perhasp a stupid question but it drives me nut :rofl:

I’m trying to purge some Monitor data, and according to 7.1 Monitor users guide, it’s possible using MWS, webMethods Monitor User’s Guide webMethods Monitor User’s Guide Administration > Business > Data Management > Archive Audit Data

But now the question is : how can I select on which IS I wan’t this purge to occure ?

More, we didn’t configure any archiving (because we are wanting only to ride off obsolete data), but when I click on “Delete only”, I got the following error :

              	         		                                                                                    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Archive Message:[/font]   [FONT=Arial Narrow]                             An error was encountered when starting archiving for your input criteria.   Please verify that you have setup your archive database and JDBC pool correctly.                      


What I have missed ?



You didn’t miss anything, archiving in webMethods could only be more complicated if it including the programming for the mars rover.

In a nutshell, you need to make sure you install the archive schema which is really just a copy of the is core and is audit schema. The archive process is just a bunch of db procs that copy the data from the active schema over to the archive schema and then either keep it or delete it based upon what you tell it. The db configurator tool will allow you to install both the archive procedures and the duplicate schemas.

I generally recommend running the archive service from the IS server via a scheduled job rather than MWS but that is up to you. Make sure you configure the jdbc pool and connection in the IS servers for archiving after you have installed the schemas for the archives. If you install the archive schemas in a separate database then you will need a dblink to it from your IS database. Simple yes?:eek:

Hi Griffima and thanks for your reply,

Do you mean if we want only to delete data, they will be 1st copied to the archived schema ?

Sure and we’ll use scheduled services after deployment. But we need also a way to launch one shot purging and this MWS interface will be useful.
So how can I select which IS to purge ?

yep afraid so

You can launch the one shot from the IS server as well. The MWS is just calling the services in the WmMonitor package. There is no way to tell it which server via MWS that I know of other than changing the server you are pointing to in your system settings.

I duno who had this @#%#^%@^ idea :eek::confused::eek:
What a waste of resources in term of CPU and disk for people wanting only to erase obsolete data :mad:

The documentation told about stored procedure : i’ll have a look hoping it’s possible to avoid this stupid copy.