Purging historical data - Optimize for Infra - wM9.9

Ola Experts,

Need assistance with purging the historical data for Optimize (Optimize for Infra).
Tried live purge which cleared very few BAM tables . BAM_FACT_INTEGRA_V1 was very much visible, and the same reading disappeared from Analysis Overview.

Not sure if live purge is the only UI option available. Alternate for clearing i have in mind, is to clear the fact tables manually by running SQL over the DB.

I want all the data and KPI’s to disappear from the Analysis Overview and have only the one i selected after the purge.

Abdul Bari Khan

Hi Bari Khan,
Did you check the section ‘Deleting Unwanted KPI Instances’ in Administering Optimize PDF. It might help you.


Thanks Senthil for the prompt response.
I wanted to have OFI clean as new installation. Have raised a ticket regarding this as well.

Resolution i received is to re-install Optimize to remove all the entries. Here entries i mean not just the FACT entries but DIMENSION entries as well.

Say i want to remove IS3 entry form the list if IS1, IS2 and IS3. It is possible from UI and it will stop reading details from the eliminated node, but the entry in DB stays.

Abdul Bari Khan