Purging data from Audit Archive tables

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We have setup audit data archival in our environment ( version 7.1.2) by which we are able to move the audit data from main audit tables to Audit Archive Tables.
We are now looking to purge the data from the audit archive tables.
Upon checking with SAG about a facility provided to do this, we came to know that there is no facility provided to purge archived data by SAG.

Can anybody please guide on a way to purge data from audit archive tables.

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Ashish A Potnis

Not a surprise at all, you might want to ask them as well what to do with archive data in case you want to somehow access from webMethods. Answer is simply. You cant.

The purpose of archiving is just to move data for historical reasons, so only archive data you need to keep due law enforcements.

Once data is archived, since you cannot do anything with it and is not “real” you can simply perform querys to delete it based on timestamp, it does not matter if you “break” any internal structure.

I believe handle historical data deserves some better support. But I already complained for this and no luck so far.


I faced the same issue and finally i had to write a Purge script and then create a SQL job which will delete any data 90 days old from Archive tables. I have not tried but you can try experimenting on the same Archive scripts which also give an option to delete data.


Thanks Dev null and Akshit !:slight_smile:

I am planning for an alternate approach to resolve this issue as mention below, please have a look at it and guide if you see any issues with this approach:

Currently to set up archival we perform below steps

1. Installed archive tables and configured JDBC pool for the same.
(i.e. Archive)
2. Implement the change at database level to have select and delete right on the main table for archive schema user.
3 Executed the service to set system parameters.
Here we gave process audit schema and IS core audit schema as input to set the same.
4. Prepared wrapper service around the services provide by webMethods as explain in last section.

The service when executed with action input as delete deletes data from main audit tables.

With this in mind I am planning to install a new vanilla IS configuration on either same or different machine. This configuration will point its Audit JDBC pools to Archive schema of main installation (there is separate schema for archival).
Now with this setup if I execute service with action as delete it will delete data from its audit tables i.e. Archive tables of main installation.
Since the table names and structure are same for audit data in archive and main audit schemas for 7.1.2 I hope that same services or procedure should work.
This will also help to avoid impact of audit data purging activity on server performance.

Do you see this as a possible work around, please let me know if you see a pitfall in this?

Anyone on forum is welcome to comment on this approach…. :slight_smile:


This works just fine with no issues.I did the same thing too but we did not have the luxury or resources to follow this approach in our Prod env. I think the best option is to write a script which will convert the audittimestamp field in the archive tables to MM/dd/yyy HH:mm:ss format and then delete the records which are xx days old.


Hi Akshith ,

Thanks for confirming on the soluion ! :slight_smile:
This will help us to go ahead with the approach .

Ashish A Potnis

Thanks for sharing the data. I m already searching about Purging data from Audit Archive tables. Now i m happy to find it.

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