PuppetServer 2.8 resource Leak


We have PuppetServer 2.8 on RHEL7.

After some days computation of the catalog become slower and slower; the
load average of the compute nodes increased and the compute goes in timeout.

All our 4 computes nodes have 48 cores, only 10% of each core is used
when the timeout occured.

We are on hiera v3, we only tuned “max-requests-per-instance: 5000”
because of a databases connection leak with our Trocla library.

Only 150 nodes are connected to our PuppetServer.

We never had this problem with Puppet 3 (with more than 3000 nodes)

Anyone have already see this or have a tips to resolve this ?

This is a Software AG / webMethods forum. Please go for a PuppetServer forum for this!