I have a web service from wich the wsdl is :

I want to access to the login Method which has 3 parameters :

  • User
  • Password
  • Profile
    and the methor return to me a session number.

If I test it on SoapUI, that works.

But : The wsdl seems to not be compliance.
So if I try to discorvered it with the Designer by a new Web service descriptor, that doesn"t work.

So anyway, as I use the designer to create other web services, I saw the generated code for a web sevice consumer. And I try to do it manually for my web service.

So I called the soapClient flow service withe the following parameters :

I try a flow service like this but I have a JavaNull Pointer exception

Hi Vital,

please provide your wM version as well as the error message you receive when trying to import the wsdl.

The complete StackTrace of the NullPointerException might also be helpful for further analysis.

Please check this article (there might be others too):

The issue might be with the rpc/encoded-style your partner is using.