Pull View into LDA

Trying to pull a view into my programs LDA, can anyone advise ?

Many thanks

Is the view an external data area?
If so

Is the view in another program?
if so
go to where you want the view inserted, type

where objname is the name of the “other” program
ssss is the number of the line where the view starts and eeee is the number of the line where the view ends.

WARNING. the “number of the line” is NOT the line number. For example 0020 as the number of the line" does not point to the line that shows 0020 in the editor. It is the 20th line in the program. If you have all your lines with gaps of ten, 0020 as ssss is the twentieth line (line number 0200) in the program.

Of course, you can simply cut and paste from one program to another using .i to open up space.

Hi Ray,

Steve’s .i works great on the mainframe but I’d suggest an alternative for NaturalONE. :slight_smile:

With the object that you want to pull the definitions into open in the eclipse editor, right-click at the point you want to insert and select “Advanced Edit Features > Import Data Fields…”. A pop-up window is presented where you choose the object that you want to pull from and then select the field/variable definitions that you want.

The good news is you can use this technique to pull data definitions from any object type that has them.

Cheers, Graeme

Thanks Steve/Graeme, yes the NaturalONE solution works, the only thing to bear in mind is that the DDM need to be in the Navigator area before the ‘import data fields’ works… got there in the end, thanks guys…