Reading Adabas file


Can anyone help in this.

Is it possible to read a adabas file without defining view in natural pgm, since I want to read all the fileds of the file. If so Please provide some sample pgm which has reading the adabas file without defing view / provide syntax.

Thanks in Advance

The simple answer is “no”. If you are in Structured or Mixed (structured data) Mode, you must have a view.

In strict Report Mode there is no such thing as a view. Natural “looks at” a READ or FIND loop and builds a Format Buffer that contains all the fields that are used in the loop. This is the equivalent of having a View.

So, if you actually are going to use all the fields in a record, you could write a Report Mode program and avoid creating a View. However, you may well encounter resistance to creating new programs in Report Mode.


Thanks Steve for providing information.


I don’t know if this works on mainframes. But on open systems you can read out the FDT via ADAREP and use this information in connection to Adabas direct calls.

But anyway: This program would be a “dirty hack” and I wouldn’t do it without beeing forced.