Pull AS400 spool file to NT

Looking for some ideas on how an AS400 spool file could be downloaded to a Windows platform and converted to a PDF.

Any input would be appreciated!


I’m just wondering if Adobe Central will work with an AS/400.

I know if you can redirect your queue to a UNIX type LPD printer which redirect to an Adobe Central install you should be able to accomplish this.

I know that you will need to check your CFGTCP setting. Add the remote LPD system to your Host file (Option #10). Submit a job for printing and work with the queue to redirect to LPR. The (AS/400)LPR-> Central(LPD).

Actually read the information in the link below. This seems to cover what you need to know on the AS/400 side… prior to redireting to a Adobe Central queue for processing.


Once you have your AS/400 ready to use a system/printer configured for LPD/LPR, you can intercept the stream into a Adobe Central install and convert it to PDF for printing/email/faxing.

Hope this helps…


In addition, it seems the Adobe Central CD that I have only has the following system option available.


AIX (IBM) but not AS/400.

I am presently redirecting from an SAP platform running on UNIX to a Windows based Central Platform. It should work for the AS/400 if the LPR drivers work.

I don’t work for Adobe, but it works as long as you make sure to download and install the most recent patch concerning emailing attachments. That will save you some significant time debugging email issues.



Additional Link for possible other options

Thanks Walter, I’ll do some reading and let you know how I make out.