pub:client:smtp -emailing problem

Hi all,
I’m using pub:client:smtp service to implement email funtionality
Funniest part of the story, it is working some time and sometime it is not working. Whenever I’m debugging its working whenever I’m running through IS I’m getting below error message.
[FONT=Book Antiqua][SIZE=3] [ISC.0068.9106] No filename nor content included in the attachment!

[/size][/font]Please help me on the same.if you need more information let me know…

Thanks for your help in advance

What are the parameters you are passing to the service?

Thanks for your quick response …I’m passing following parameter
Let me know incasae you need more information

What value are you specifying for the attachments/filename variable? Is it a filename that is accessible by IS on the IS server?

Yeah It is accesesible from the IS…FIlename value is name of file with full path …As I already mentioned in earlier post … whenever I’m debugging the code it i s working fine and whenever I run from IS, I’m getting error…

Can you clarify? Code is always “run from IS”. I take it things work if you trace or step through it using Developer. Can you describe how the service gets invoked when not being initiated from Developer? It may be a permissions issue so it might be worth a check of the execute ACLs of the services.